H&H Group Holdings

About H&H Group Holdings

H&H has a long, robust history that began in 1901, when it was originally founded by William Hylund. Since then, H&H has evolved to become a key player in the construction and energy services industries. Over the years, H&H acquired various subsidiaries, each with their own history, strengths and character, that together offer customers all of the skilled trade disciplines as well as energy services. Throughout our proud history, H&H has remained true to its fundamental mission: to offer quality and competitive solutions, while maintaining our core values of safety, integrity and teamwork.

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H&H Group Holdings
3201 Latham Drive
Madison, WI 53713

Email: info@hhgroupholdings.com
Phone: (608) 273-4464
Fax: (608) 273-9764
Website: www.hhgroupholdings.com