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HVAC Services

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HVAC Design Engineering

Our seasoned engineers and developers will work with you to design and engineer an efficient, personalized HVAC system to meet your needs for years to come. We have years of experience designing, controlling, and commissioning energy efficient mechanical systems that provide good indoor air quality and are easy to maintain.  Our teams focus is to develop a simplified, high quality system that saves you energy and operational costs after installation. H&H’s engineering expertise covers boiler plant, chiller plant, air handling equipment, energy recovery ventilator, and controls design amongst other skills necessary to provide you with the options necessary to make informed decisions before you build.  Our comprehensive, integrated designs allow customer to see high rates of returns on their investments while cutting energy costs by up to 25%.  We pride ourselves on work that is of high quality at a fair price; that is the promise to you.

Building Controls Design

At H&H, we believe building control systems should be simple to own, operate, and maintain. We recommend to our clients to utilize a non-propriety and easily to use control to run their facility. This all starts with a carefully designed construction specification on an open protocol platform which is custom tailored to meet the needs. Our approach gives you the flexibility to choose the contractor you like and encourages competitive pricing. H&H’s design helps you avoid costly future service contracts as this control platform integrates continuous monitoring and commissioning efforts into the design to ensure energy targets are met as well as building mechanical systems are operating as intended.  H&H also utilizes simple control sequences when ever possible to mitigate any programming limitations. With our development strategy you are finally in control of your controls!


Commissioning brings all of the development elements together by providing quality control throughout the design, construction, and occupancy of a building.  During the design phase, our staff will interview your staff and evaluate alternatives for their operating costs and benefits.  We document your owner project requirements (OPR) and basis of design (BOD).  Once the systems are installed we complete rigorous pre-functional and functional tests which extend through the first year of occupancy.  We test your systems through all seasons to insure they operate as designed with low energy consumption and that they fully meet your expectations.

Lighting Design

Our team of engineers and designers take an in-depth look into the operation of a facility for all lighting designs.   H&H will conduct a site visit to learn the use of the space as well as interview occupants for their wants and needs.  A customer’s input is the most important part of a good lighting design.  We strive to stay current on the latest technology and research every product before implementing it in a design.  Every job is unique, so we do not use a one fit solution.  We also pride our designs on implementing the right solution for the space, not just the easy or cheap solution.
The follow are the principles that H&H uses when designing lighting:
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Site Security
  • Product Reliability
  • Light Modeling for Proper Light Levels
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Comfort