Examples of Our Work

Williams Bay Lighting Commons

The Williams Bay School District underwent a complete LED lighting Retrofit. They are enjoying the better quality of light as well as the great energy savings.

The School District is saving 50% more with the new LED’s and occupancy sensors compared to the old fluorescent lighting.  The lights are expected to last 30 years without maintenance, saving the district money and time replacing bulbs and ballasts.
North Lakeland Water Piping

North Lakeland School District is no longer dealing with the endless leaks of their dated domestic water system as it was all replaced with Aquatherm.

The school district was experiencing lots of leaks from its domestic water system in the tunnels running under the school.  This was creating a lot of headaches for the district.  H&H replaced the piping with overhead Aquatherm lines that are fused together so there is no longer any seems to leak.
Verona Outdoor Lighting

Verona Area Schools decided to upgrade to long life LED outdoor lights, which provided better uniformity of light across their parking lots.

Verona Area School District
Rib Lake Biomass Boiler

A new highly efficient biomass boiler system was installed at the Rib Lake School District.

Rib Lake School District

Fond du Lac Ice Bank Chiller

UW Fond du Lac no longer has to deal with the high costs of KW spikes during the summer with their new Ice Bank Chiller system.

UW Fond du Lac

Augusta ERV

During a complete retrofit of the HVAC, Energy Recovery Ventilators were added at the Augusta School District making the building much more comfortable and energy efficient.

Augusta School District