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Retro-Commissioning is a service designed for existing buildings that are in need of a complete tune-up including an energy audit, equipment assessment, one-on-one personnel interviews, survey and resolution of indoor air quality concerns, and the development of an equipment replacement plan along with cost and savings estimates.


Commissioning brings all of the development elements together by providing quality control throughout the design, construction, and occupancy of a building.  During the design phase, our staff will interview your staff and evaluate alternatives for their operating costs and benefits.  We document your owner project requirements (OPR) and basis of design (BOD).  Once the systems are installed we complete rigorous pre-functional and functional tests which extend through the first year of occupancy.  We test your systems through all seasons to insure they operate as designed with low energy consumption and that they fully meet your expectations.
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H&H personnel have participated in over 50 projects that are certified by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC®) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) program and over 50 projects that are certified by the Green Building Initiative (GBI) Green Globes® program.  We also have division dedicated to Solar and Wind development and design.
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