H&H Plumbing has worked with a wide array of customers with various needs. We specialize in constructing projects of all sizes, from residential and light commercial to large healthcare and other plumbing construction projects.

Brown Loft Apartments

Attic Angels

Ales Bathroom Remodel

Brownlofts is a new construction 64 unit apartment building on Old Middleton Road.  H&H Plumbing Services was the primary plumbing contractor for the project.  All water treatment, piping, water heating and build outs were completed by H&H.  Parking garage PVC piping delivers storm and waste water to city sewer lines.  Two 120 gallon 200,000 BTU water heaters and a complete water softening system were installed as part of the plumbing package.

H&H Plumbing Services completed an addition and remodel at Attic Angels in Madison, WI. Complete bathrooms for several units were plumbed, some outfitted with special access sinks.  Four new 120 gallon, 200,000 BTU HTP water heaters were installed and piped.  A UV water filtration system to prevent Legionella replaces a chemical-based treatment system.  Work also included re-directing and streamlining some of the plumbing piping in the mechanical room.  The project was completed in fall of 2013.

Steve and Mary Ales decided to make a significant improvement to their Madison home. What was a full bathroom were transformed into a full bathroom and a full, completely upgraded master bath suite. A bedroom was converted into more space for the full bath. The main vent stack was moved to make room for the glass block shower. “Open heart” surgery is how our Plumber Steve Misustin phrased it. A complete gut and rebuild. The shower was converted to a rounded, open air shower with no curb or shower door. The flooring was pitched to the drain. Heat matting was installed under the floor and is controlled by a timed thermostat. All fixtures are Delta fixtures, including a unique dual control valve on the shower faucet. A fish eye lens was the only way to capture the entire project