Midwest Solar System Installations

Commercial & Industrial

Rockwell Solar Panel Installation in Mequon, Wisconsin

Whether a small retail operation or a large commercial business with numerous buildings, H&H has the experience, know-how and drive that it takes to serve  the commercial sector. Business owners have a lot on their mind so we handle the paperwork, permitting and other requirements for the solar installation. H&H Solar staff are also experienced helping commercial businesses get the word out about their sustainability efforts and can assist in event planning and other marketing and outreach efforts.

Utility costs make up a large portion of the operating budget for manufacturing and other industrial clients. In addition to saving money on energy costs, manufacturing businesses are often positioned well to take advantage of tax and other rebates and incentives. H&H Solar has experience with both solar thermal and solar electric systems for the manufacturing sector, and we are happy to help with any aspect of the installation process.

Residential Clients

H & H Solar electric (PV) installation (Custom)

At H&H Solar, we are dedicated to making going solar a simple and gratifying process. Our skilled staff has managed the installation of over 500 residential solar systems across Wisconsin, and brings this experience to every project we are involved with. We manage the whole process, taking care of all permitting, inspection, utility interconnection, and incentive agreements. We have also developed a range of financing partnerships to help make solar more accessible for interested customers.

Public Agencies

solar install-0146 (Custom)

Governmental and other public agencies are under increased pressure to find operational cost savings, and solar energy systems provide an exciting and visible opportunity to cut costs. Whether conducting a preliminary scoping audit for multiple municipal locations, or designing and building a fully functional solar energy system, we are ready to help make the sun work for you.



H&H Solar works hard to design projects that are reliable, code compliant and long-lasting. These efforts have not gone unnoticed by the utilities who serve our state, and have led to a wide range of utility solar projects. We look forward to working with utilities to develop and construct cutting-edge solar projects that will serve their customers well for generations.

Educational Facilities

Madison Country Day School (Custom)

H&H Solar has helped educational facilities ranging from a single K-12 school to large university campuses. We have experience with various financing mechanisms and funding sources that can help educational institutions reap the full benefit of a solar installation, and we are able to partner with our Energy Management division to couple efficiency with renewable energy. We help our school and university clients to integrate education into our installations; our passion for educating the future generations about renewable energy is second to none.

Non-Profit and Charity Organizations


Non-profit and charity organizations hold a special place in our hearts, and we are always excited when these groups decide to go solar. Whether it’s a sustainability oriented organization or a group involved in feeding and helping those in need, H&H can help in a number of ways. If your nonprofit group is looking to install a system to serve your energy needs, or to take part in a group buy partnership program, we are excited to discuss your options.