Here is a very small sampling of projects from H&H Wind.

Anacacho Wind Farm

Kinney County, Texas – United States

Wind Resource Assessment Campaign

Northern Maine – United States

Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant

Minnesota – United States

H&H was selected to install one permanent lattice 80m SCADA tower for the Anacacho Wind Farm in Kinney County, Texas.  Timelines were extremely tight on this project, which required close coordination with the BOP contractor, on-site electricians and tower manufacturer.  All anchors were rock anchors due to very uniform and cohesive underlying rock beds.  Data acquisition systems required Campbell Scientific platforms and integration with the wind farm SCADA system.

H&H was selected to install three temporary lattice 60m towers in a remote part of Northern, Maine for preliminary wind resource assessment.  Terrain was very mountainous and difficult to access, with 30 degree grades in some areas with limited cell phone reception.  Two of the three sites required ATV and snowmobile access and required customized transportation logistics to the sites.  Due to the varying soil types, custom anchors had to be engineered on-site and load tested to manufacturer’s specifications.  Data acquisition systems required NRG Systems platforms with satellite connectivity.

H&H recently applied its meteorological data acquisition expertise and complex construction experience from the wind energy industry to serve a 671MW nuclear power plant.  H&H was selected to design, engineer and construct a 100m tower required for plume dispersion modelling and nuclear disaster planning.  All equipment was designed to withstand a 117mph wind event and operate over the full range of historic temperature extremes from -38F to 107F.  The system includes redundant data trains which operate autonomously and include heated ultrasonic anemometers, aspirated temperature sensors and climate controlled shelter boxes.  The system is powered by primary and redundant electrical services and a 10-hour UPS system to guarantee 100% data collection.