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Welcome to our new H&H Group Holdings website.

Thanks for visiting our new website. And if you’ve been here before, thanks for visiting again. We are committed to sharing with you as many of our new projects as we possibly can. That means new projects in all of our divisions including Solar, Electric, Plumbing, Energy Services and Building Automation.

Since 1901, H&H Group Holdings has steadfastly been committed to providing services that provide results to our customers. And over the years, we’ve done that through hard work, problem solving and a technical expertise that is unrivaled in the industries we serve. Through the work featured on our website, you’ll see examples of our successful outcomes for all types of projects, utilizing all of our capabilities in planning, design, engineering, installation and support.

We will continue to update the project sections of our new website in an effort to show you what other companies in our region are planning, developing and introducing to the communities they serve. For more information about H&H Group Holdings, what we’re working on, what the trends are that we’re seeing, information about our talented customers, and new services we’re offering, please sign-up for Enewsletter SOLUTIONS, it’s refreshingly brief, not promotional, and absolutely informative. Again, thanks for visiting, and please contact us if you have any questions or you have a project that you’d like included on our website.