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Adams Friendship School District Building Automation

The Adams Friendship School District sought out an upgrade for building automation and some mechanicals from the original 1990’s pneumatic installation to a state of the art direct digital control (DDC) system. The high school is the largest energy user in the district and a new control system would not only save energy use but reduce maintenance costs associated with keeping a pneumatic control system calibrated. The analog pneumatic controls do not allow for computer interface to monitor temperatures in zones before occupant comfort complaints erupt. A state of the art Johnson Controls Facility Explorer (Fx) direct digital building automation system (BAS) powered by a Vykon Tridium Niagara AX platform would allow for facility operations to monitor classroom temperature for years to come as the age of the building increases. A Vykon branded Tridium system is a guaranteed open BAS meaning that this product is not proprietary to one manufacturer or contractor which will allow greater flexibility for the school district for future service and support. Any customer personal or BAS contractor can get trained on the Fx product line which really makes this product combination is a truly open sourced BAS solution. The pictures below represent before and after control panel retrofit typical to eight 15,000 CFM variable volume (VAV) air handling units.

The energy savings for this project were accounted with the installation of some new mechanicals such as new higher efficiency air-cooled chillers and high efficiency condensing boilers, as well as some higher efficiency control schemes to convert constant flow pumping systems to variable flow with the installation of variable frequency drives (VFD’s) on pump motors. Fan energy savings on air handling units (AHUs) were achieved with the reduction of duct static pressure setpoints that fed pneumatic terminal unit VAV controls with unknown calibration for air flow control. A testing adjusting and balancing process to modern ventilation requirements accounted for the duct static pressure setpoints needed for VAV AHU control. The combination Vykon Niagara AX and JCI Fx controls also incorporated further fan energy savings thru trim and respond algorithms to automatically reset the AHU duct static pressure setpoints based on the heating or cooling demand of the VAV system.

Overall, the school district has been modernized well into the future where maintenance staff can view zones of the school with floor plans that change color in response to zone temperature offset thru the Niagara AX powered graphical user interface of the new direct digital BAS.


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