• Rendering of The Deco

The Deco Apartments

The DECO is a 5 story 82 unit luxury apartment complex with commercial/retail space on 1st floor. The 1st and 2nd floor are of post tension concrete, steel studs and wood framing 2nd floor and up to the flat roof. The terrace storm drains and roof drains go to an onsite retention system. The lower level garage drains are on a sanitary pump system due to elevation of the sewer. All sanitary piping is hung at the ceiling and exits at one location. Maintaining the pitch on the drain lines and  the variable height ceiling elevations in the garage made it a challenge to hang. The water mains in the mechanical room to the hallway are corzan schedule 80 and all unit piping is pex tubing  with multi-port tees. The hot water has a hot recirculation pump and return line for hot water at your convenience.  


H&H Plumbing


H&H Plumbing