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  • HVAC Installation

Hartland Lakeside School District

H&H partnered with the District through two successful phases of performance contracting projects, so it was an easy choice when it came time to select a partner for phase III.  H&H has helped the District through the entire process from facility assessment and project development to construction management and project close-out. Projects included all aspects of operating an efficient and well maintained school, including the following:

Mechanical: Boilers, roof top units (RTUs), variable frequency drives (VFDs), building controls

Electrical: Indoor LED lighting with dimmable controls, outdoor LED lighting, electric usage meters

Plumbing: Water heaters, kitchen booster heaters

Kitchen: Kitchen natural gas booster heaters, demand controlled ventilation hood

Building Envelope: Roofing, weather stripping, caulking, foaming

Safety & Infrastructure: Security system, cameras, IT upgrades

Project Size

Three K-12 school facilities totaling 280,000 square feet

Project Details

Phase I: $190,000 | Completed 2013
Phase II: $2,200,000 | Completed 2014-2015
Phase III: $1,700,000 | On-going 2016-2017

Services Provided

Act 32 K-12 Performance Contracting

Annual Savings

Utilities: $27,583
Operations & Maintenance: $77,472