• Exterior lighting replaced with high efficient LED lighting
  • High volume low speed fan installed in the commons to destratify the air
  • Interior LED lighting in classroom
  • Insulation to be added as another layer to the existing insulation less heat loss
  • Upgrading roof top units at Williams Bay high school
  • New boiler system for how water reheats
  • Replacing rooftop units and reroofing Williams Bay High School
  • Ballast removed from the old rubber roof yet to be removed
  • Building wide upgrade to LED lighting for energy savings and better light quality
  • Bright White LED lighting being installed compared to the low pressure sodium lighting that was existing

William's Bay School District

An energy conservation project for the William’s Bay School District that included new rooftop units, installation of hot water boilers and piping, energy recovery ventilators, LED indoor lighting, LED outdoor lighting,  roof upgrade, building envelope improvements, water conservation measures, and air desertification.