• WPS Panel After H&H Upgrade
  • WPS Panel Before H&H Upgrade

WPS Insurance Building Automation Upgrade

WPS Insurance sought out an upgrade for aged building automation components at the Nordby facility to improve occupant comfort. H&H provided a cost-effective solution for Johnson Controls Facility Explorer (Fx) hardware that could be integrated via BACnet to the current JCI Metasys platform. The problematic dated controls for this building are the original Johnson Control DSC 8500 controlling an 85,000 CFM variable volume air handling unit system with a 100 horsepower supply fan motor. H&H Automation redesigned the control system, updated pneumatic air damper actuators to electronic, and updated the existing pneumatic chilled water and steam valve operation with new Versis electronic to pneumatic transducers. The overall control for the DSC 8500 on an updated JCI Metasys platform was very poor as the air handling unit discharged 55 degrees year around without any methods of overriding a discharge air setpoint via the current Metasys interface. The problem was severe enough to redesign the air ducting system with booster heating coils or a more cost-effective solution to just replace the current controls with adjustable programming setpoints for the air handler to not over cool occupant spaces. The pictures below outline the existing control panel for the 85,000 CFM air handler (DSC not pictured) and the new FX controls in place.

H&H Automation has prior JCI Metasys trained technicians employed that are fully capable working on existing JCI Metasys platforms. When the client purchases the Metasys software thru an existing JCI project, this software is owned by the client and the client has the ability to work on the system as needed in-house or hire out work related to the control system. If troubled relationships exist between the local corporate Johnson Controls Metasys branch and facility management, JCI Metasys products can be purchased directly thru JCI Parts in Milwaukee without dealing with local branch personnel. This could potentially be an attractive option for large Metasys sites where it is cost effective just to keep the Metasys platform in place and purchase Network Automation Engine’s (NAE’s) thru JCI Parts Milwaukee. Companies like H&H Automation can configure the NAE’s, integrate any other control system hardware that can communicate via BACnet protocol to the NAE, and expand the Metasys platform without dealing with corporate driven contracting practices. This is a cost-effective solution for large Metasys sites that may not justify completely cutting over to a Tridium based platform. The two pictures below illustrate the same 85,000 CFM air handling unit control points, but the left-hand side is the Fx hardware and the pre-project is the DSC 8500 on the right-hand side. H&H Automation has effectively provided a cost-effective solution without the client having to spend a large amount of capital funding on a new control system interface.


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H&H Automation, Inc.