Plumbing Services

When it comes to plumbing services, the best fixtures are our crew of problem solvers.

Over the years, H&H Plumbing has built a staff of master and licensed plumbers whose experience has provided successful outcomes for some of the industry’s most technical and complex projects. Our experience includes new commercial and industrial construction, new residential, apartments, and mixed-use projects, and all types of remodeling and renovation activities. H&H Plumbing also sells and services a wide array of plumbing fixtures and equipment for any size project.

Plumbing Services


All types of plumbing projects are handled in-house by H&H Plumbing; one phone call is all you need to make for any commercial, industrial, residential or remodeling project including the sale and service of a wide array of the very best plumbing products in the marketplace.


Including all aspects of site utility work, underground repairs and installation, work on drains, sump pumps, disposals, water heaters and softeners, piping and thawing, reverse osmosis, kitchen and bathroom remodeling and repair, water testing, and dozens of other services.


H&H Plumbing offers on-going maintenance and support services for all commercial, industrial and residential projects including seasonal support, preventative maintenance, proactive inspection schedules, annual backflow prevention services and other customized support services.