Solar Services

You'll want people with a lot of energy behind your next solar energy project.

That’s us, H&H Group Holdings, a company founded in 1901 on the premise of being the very best problem solvers and thought leaders in the industry. And that’s what our commercial and industrial Solar Energy Services brings to the marketplace, a strong sense of innovation, invention, and ingenuity. With a specialty in in-house design, engineering, and construction of comprehensive and technical solar energy projects, we bring an unmatched approach to planning by offering customers all the services required to develop their solar project, or critical individual services that will ensure a successful outcome, which for us means the greatest ROI in the fastest time possible. If you’re looking for a Solar Energy company highly experienced in utility work, projects that feature Ground Mount, Brownfield, Rooftop, Ballasted, Interconnection and Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC) applications, then H&H Solar is the company that can fulfill your needs and requirements.

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Solar Services


Our services include site visualization, satellite imagery, 3D renderings, planning and coordination for field mount and rooftop projects, consulting on equipment and operational efficiencies, electrical planning and design, ROI analysis and forecasts, and other services as required and specified

Engineering & Construction

Our certified in-house engineering team and our highly experienced installation teams work with customers from the application and permitting process to final construction and panel installation. H&H Solar offers clients a complete turn-key solution removing the typical headaches that occur from managing multiple vendor relationships.

Operation & Maintenance

Any solar energy project requires maintenance and support in order for the operation to maximize its electric output. H&H provides the highest levels of service including annual performance measuring, quick turnaround trouble-shooting, panel washing, filter cleaning, hotspot identification using infrared cameras and battery storage applications.


In some cases, H&H Group Holdings is able to provide solar energy project financing options to developers and enterprises depending upon the scope and location of the installation.